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a young rhyming romantic from uptown dc..i just wish to do what Ellington did.create the premier definitive work for my generation.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Uptown Renaissance

My name is Nathaniel Benneton Grey.Nate..I was born in 1987.My pops always told me I owe marvin gaye a very big favor.(smiles)I dont really want to talk about myself right now.I want to talk about my city..Washington DC..Chocolate City.In recent decades its become less n less chocolate though..Rich people that own the estate in DC are buying and selling amongst their inner circles.The blocks that my people are from.The blocks my pops was raised in.Same uptown blocks im walking.They are tearing them down.Building condos.I feel half torn.Half of me is fuked up.I mean,its like 2 worlds sometimes.The same spots,but one with a memory of yourself from back when..Im only 21 cuz..Yall breakin down shyt like that tho?..The other half of me feels this fire in the pit of my stomach,that burning sensation to wana get on.To make it.To be as successful as I know I will be.That part of me is feeling like fuk it.Tear it down.Ima come back and cop every tower yall put over the Border.
No need to say Im not the only one who feels that fire in they belly.Its whole hoods full of the children of strong black men & women.The same strong women & men that survived the crack era.The children of the civil rights era,when our grandparents burned down H st.That same year they shot King.Whole hoods full of new type children.We all want ours back..They say history repeats itself,Im no historian,Im just a young brother in the times.The spirit of the times feels like somethings gotta give too young..Everythings gota give on the real..Its a renaissance.

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