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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


i heard a long time ago that history repeats itself.the older heads use to say it was important for us to know where we came from so when know where we headed to..never understood that as a child..the concept of history revolving in time.not that i do know now,but i have a better idea of what them old heads was talking about.

in the 1930's this cat named Shep Allen-a theater manager form Atlantic City-reopened the Howard Theater off Ust in DC.thas Uptown.Duke Ellington played at the grand reopening.Ella sang.Billy Eckstine.Pearl Bailey.Sarah Vaughn.Dinah Washington.Sammy Davis Jr.Lena Horne.Lionel Hampton.

Marvin Gaye said he spent his teen years in the balconys of the Howard Theater,learning from blues greats.Mrs.Roosevelt sipped champagne with Abbott & Costello,Cesar Romero, and Danny Kaye at the Howard Theater.

these are brothers and sisters who spearheaded the Harlem Renassaince.Duke Ellington grew up in DC.NW..i feel a certain something when i walk through the same streets these pioneers walked.my parents walked.knowing where i came from.and knowing where my city came from..and knowing where i want to take it..

me being a young brother rhyming was the outer expression of what the fuck!you know!if it was the 1700's or some shyt it would be shakespeare.if i was a slave in Jamaica it would be the drum.if i was a brother in ancient Kemet it would be papyrus..or temple building lls.

im progression of our culture.its my part to play.so im crafting a classy tape for my people.

and by my people,i mean uptown,i mean dc,i mean everybody struggling with they college classes,i mean the ladies in long distance relationships,i mean us yo..
the youth.

The Renassaince is not a movement.its not a catch phrase to throw out at parties.its not for t-shirts.

its us.its u.and the beautiful wild ass lives we live.

my next tape,NGM1GRAND,is the soundtrack for that.

2010 is urs.

1 love 2papercuts.com

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