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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Raekwon:Lex Diamonds

when i was like 9,i saw sothing on TV.
it was this stout,burly man with hard waves that had a moon cut into his fade.
he was walking in circles,rambling words off a yellowpad.
it sounded like poetry.the words were put together recklessly.broken.
he didnt make any sense.but i felt the life in what he spoke.the images he painted pulled me down a tunnel into a world i didnt know existed.the images came so fast it shocked me..then it hit me.
he was rapping..i decided then that i wanted to paint like that.
im bout ta pay homage

this the flik i heard him acapella.Black & White

my brother Chopps ji remind me of Rae a lil bit too.
i feel we all working to be legends in our own right.
to pioneer sothing compelling,and further our culture.

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