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Saturday, January 2, 2010


its 12:58
j.cole spinnin on iphone..its ji 2010 hm..the world my parents molded that i thrived in is turning into my own..
the elders..more elderly or passed on.us young brothers in sisters having youth now.im 22 now
im thinkin like..im fully able to improve the quality of my living.
last year?

droppin jacks in heine bottles on my couch with aspiring drug dealers.
west africans speak of european mind control.they sleep with their eyes closed.a couple of them killers..
another bad broad.i caught feelings,thinkin this was the one.again.celibate for 2 months..another bad broad....
im staring at my feet standing on a yellow and blue prayer mat.im teary eyed.smoked too much.as im whispering arabic the guilt from my high is all i could think about.
jus hung up the fone with my nephew.my grama passed.last time i spoke ta her i told her what i read in the Qu'Ran about heaven..

this year?..i have a plan.and thas way better that i did last year..

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