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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Zero Kings

so im out front the gas station heem rye
(lls,heem mean anything yall.so when i say heem,jus yea,lol)
with my brother Sol Zahran.he was copping beadies.
and it was cold as ever outside.i had on my nicky barnes coat.
its a big brown piece,the exterior look like a good times couch.
and the lapel is brown fur.way warm.

then this Elder brother ask me for some change.i aint have the it forreal.
and he ask me

"thas a zero king you got on there boi?"

"..nah.......wait,what you say?whats a zero king"

"aw mayn you too young to know about that there.we wore zero king jackets back in the day boi.they made the best stylish coats.for the white folk,but we use to get those coats,and sport'em at the cabaret boi!"

(i smile)
"word?ima look into them right there.preciate that unk"

".....yea boi"

its gona be warm again soon..so ima have to put that on ice fa the winter

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