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Friday, March 26, 2010

A Gem i got back in the Autumn

i wake up
think about estrogen
smh..shlda thanked allah 1st

sendin emails
she tweets me
(bak from Europe alrdy?)
she miss me

she tweets me back
we shld meet

im choppin
thro dupont
lightin a beadie

beneton kids on the corner
she gained weight
it suits her
she cant see me checkin her out in my shades

walk down the path
i love this weather autumns brwns n yellows
i start talkin about how bambi is the story of a black boy from the projects
she took my picture

it starts rainin
im under her umbrella
fuck this
hit her condo

i raid her freezer
she smiles
im hungry
(insert innuendo here)

2hrs latah
im half naked
tryin on 29/30 denims
she was the manager at Rugby

Devil Wears Prada on the flatscreen
she flashin a brother
where i come from
after that loving is automatic

2hrs latah
im at the bus stop
with a bag full of jeans
regretin my advancment

2 dys latah
she tweets me back
i call her
her phones dicnnted

2 dys latah
i run into her gf at the Diner
she moved to Africa
sothin bout Peacorp payin for college

i blink 2wice
the 2nd hit my lapel
it all started when i woke up wrng
what my mayn here is trying to say is..is that when you put forth a thought,it echoes out eventually manifesting itself.so you have to control your thoughts.it is literally the key to shaping your reality.

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