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Thursday, February 11, 2010

R.I.P. Lex McQueen

a new friend of mine put me on to Lex back in the autumn*.i was just getting sparked to fashion.i got this job at Banana Republicon,and right across the lane there was this 
United Colors of Beneton.that was the spot.the fabrics.textures.patterns.combinations.the fuck?!and i been wearing these same ashy jeans and sneakers and sh*t?!!
that changed my whole outlook on fashion.thats when i really started feeling different about my appearance.how i presented myself to the world.firstly tho,how i felt about myself..i felt outdated(smiles)..

so i talks to my new friend rye?and she drops this name.Alex McQueen.honestly,i don't remember what she said after that..i just remember seeing this cat like a Venezuelan Clint Eastwood in a black suit heh.like a villain out a noir novel.modern.

Lex McQueen went from stiching designs for his sisters tosplashing boutiques in London, New Zork,Los Angela, Milan & Sin City.his tactics were bold.to me his designs were bending the mold the classic sh*t.you know,like polos.stripes.certain types of dresses.i dont kno(smiles)i cant really explain,but all the collections ive seen are just ill.i aspire to tag my expressions cross the planet too.inshaallah.

rip Lex.


ima rep you next autumn..
*1 love bonita 

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